Nathalie Djurberg: A World of Glass

Swedish sculptor Nathalie Djurberg’s installation A World of Glass is on at the Camden Arts Centre until 8th January 2012. In this installation her disturbing stop motion animations play at either end of a room filled with glass: the translucency of this material echoing the translucency of projected light and yet contrasting with the fleshy, sinister quality of her claymations.

Here is an interview with Nathalie and her composer Hans Berg about the work. Here are some clips from previous work to get a flavour of her Goya and Bosch inspired animation. For this installation, she was awarded the Silver Lion for a Promising Young Artist at the Venice Biennale in 2009. In the first clip, you get a flavour of the enchanted forest that the viewer has to walk through to get to the animation.

YouTube Preview Image

In this second clip, there is a clearer picture of the animation itself.

YouTube Preview Image


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