This Blog is Moving….

This blog is moving to a new site: The reason for this is that I am leaving Central Saint Martins to take up a new post as Head of Animation at RCA and will no longer have access to myblog.arts. Click here to read the press release about my new post.

SEeAFAR: 27th Sept – 5th Oct 2014

Fresh from the Folkestone Triennial Fringe, this touring exhibition curated by Birgitta Hosea brings together new work from Foa + Hosea, Carali McCall, Anne Robinson, Sarah Sparkes and Thurle Wright. Using a range of media – drawing, animation, performance to video, light installation, painting and collage, the works engage with living with the constant presence of… Continue reading SEeAFAR: 27th Sept – 5th Oct 2014

Open Story

Notes from the Open Story Symposium, University of Brighton 23/06/14 Apologies to any of the speakers if I mis-heard or misspelled any details from their talks. Paul Sermon introduced the symposium and explained that it is designed to showcase some of the thinking and contemporary practice in new forms of storytelling for diverse digital platforms as well… Continue reading Open Story

MA Graduation Film 1999

It is with some nostalgia that I load my graduation film from MA Computer Imaging and Animation, London Guildhall University, 1999. In this film I was exploring the concept of psychological epidemics: how ideas spread like viruses. This experimental short film combines hand-painted Super-8 footage with DV video, text animation, 3DS Max and After Effects. It… Continue reading MA Graduation Film 1999

Character Design: Pumpkin Heads and Apple Heads

American artist, Ray Villafane, carves pumpkins into a variety of character heads. Check out the pictures here. Happy Hallowe’en! What he may or not realise is that he is following in a very old tradition of folk art. In the past, toys were a luxury that many working people couldn’t afford to pay for –… Continue reading Character Design: Pumpkin Heads and Apple Heads